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Ultrasound of early pregnancy
(6-12 weeks)

When your pregnancy test comes back positive, it’s normal to have a ton of questions on your mind. In midwife’s reception, there are no stupid questions – it’s a place where all your questions and doubts are valid. You can come to ultrasound of early pregnancy as soon as you are on your 7 th week of pregnancy. It’s normal not to know your exact duration of pregnancy and for this it’s often best to wait until you are 6+3 weeks pregnant to be sure.

The first heartbeats can be detected at around 6+3 weeks. This can be an exciting and emotional sight to the new parents. At this point the midwife is already able to check a lot of important things, such as the fact that the pregnancy is developing in the right place, the uterus. Also the exact duration of the pregnancy can be determined early on, which helps you with planning your first screening visit to the maternity clinic for the right week of pregnancy. At this point it can also be seen whether there are one or multiple fetuses. This helps more mothers get safely monitored from early stages of their multiple pregnancy

(4 weeks after the fertilization The fetus is around 5 mm in size. The small heart is already beginning to function and starts to beat by 6+3 weeks

(5 weeks after the fertilization) The fetus has already grown to be 10 mm in size.

(6 weeks after the fertilization) developing limbs and some movement can already be detected in the ultrasound. Also the developing brain and the spine is beginning to show in the scans. Often the umbilical cord can be seen. The fetus is around 15 mm in size.

(7 weeks after the fertilization) the size of the fetus has reached over 20 mm. The limbs can be seen clearly and the movements are quite clear.

At 10+ weeks you can already see small toes in those kicking tiny legs and fingers in the waving hands. The heartbeat is fast and strong and in the ultrasound you might see some sweet dance-like movement.

The ultrasound of under 10 weeks of pregnancy is generally executed vaginally for clearer results. At the end of the examination you’ll get to take home some printed out ultrasound images of your little one.

Sometimes the ultrasound examination unfortunately reveals that the pregnancy has not developed as expected. For the expecting parents the news of a miscarriage often come with strong emotions and lots of questions. At midwives reception you can take your time to discuss the situation. You will also get a referral to specialized medical care.

Ultrasound of mid-pregnancy
(13-26 weeks)

After the pregnancy week 12 we warmly welcome you to your midpregnancy ultrasound. It can often be nice for parents to see their baby’s development throughout the pregnancy, even if there are no medical reasons to be monitored. In this stage the baby is still moving actively and it’s nice to see on the monitor. Sometimes the baby might be sucking their thumb or showcasing their flexibility by having their toes all the way up to their forehead. The ultrasound can also reveal the baby’s gender from the pregnancy week 16 on if the parents wish to know it. However this depends on the baby’s position in the womb and might sometimes take some time and patience. A 100% sure estimate can never be guaranteed. In most cases however the gender can be determined in the mid-pregnancy ultrasound. If the parents wish to keep the baby’s gender a secret, we kindly ask you to mention this prior to the examination. The baby’s weight estimate will also be conducted during the examination. For the weight estimate the fetus will be measured from ear to ear, all around from their belly button and the length of their thigh. These measures will help calculate the estimated weight of the baby. The ultrasound will also reveal the umbilical cord and the location of the placenta. These ultrasound examinations will not replace the structural ultrasound conducted in halfway of your pregnancy. Structural ultrasound are not a part of our services at Kaunis Odotus. The motive of the extra ultrasounds is to complete the experience of getting to know your little one as they are growing in the womb. The mid-pregnancy ultrasounds are executed through the abdomen. There is also enough time for questions. You can always discuss any pregnancy related questions with no rush in your appointment. At the end of the appointment you will go home with some printed out ultrasound images of your baby.

The mid-pregnancy ultrasound with a recording is an excellent option if you’re looking to get a longer ultrasound examination and some recorded material of your ultrasound on a USB-stick for memories. The midpregnancy ultrasound with recording must take place before you are halfway through your pregnancy. During this examination we also try to record some 3D/4D-ultrasound footage of your baby on the USB-stick. This service is not the same as the 3D/4D-ultrasound examination as it is a bonus service that can be included with your mid-pregnancy ultrasound. The 3D/4D-ultrasound appointment is longer and it fully focuses on providing you with 3D/4D-material.

3D/4D ultrasound
(24-30 weeks)

3D/4D-ultrasound is a nice way for the whole family to get to know your new family member. We recommend the 3D/4D-ultrasound to take place between your 25th and 31th week of pregnancy, because normally around this time the baby’s cheecks have already rounded up but the baby doesn’t yet take up too much space in the womb guaranteeing good visibility during the scan.

This week limit is not absolutely strict. Even after the recommended weeks it might be possible to get good quality material if there is enough water in front of the baby’s face. The baby is already doing a lot of things and faces in the womb and often the parents can recognize some familiar features. All the possible material is saved on a USB-stick to take home with you. We intend to include both still and moving material. Also so called 5D-material can be possible to include in the package. This means an advances view, where the skin color is as close to natural as possible.

Before the examination it’s a good idea for the mother to have a snack as it often activates the baby. It’s not always possible to get photos of the baby’s face, as sometimes they might have it pressed against the placenta or the side of the uterus. Also the limbs or the umbilical cord might be covering the little one’s face. It’s also possible to estimate the baby’s weight during the 3D/4D ultrasound.

Kaunis odotus offers you two different services of 3D/4D. They are tailormade based on your experiences and wishes to be as fitting as possible for different situations. Below you can find the introduction of the 3D/4D full and 3D/4D compact.

– In the longer 3D/4D-ultrasound examination we reserve 50 minutes for scanning

– This gives us more time to activate the baby in better positions and leaves more time for questions and conversation 

– If the baby doesn’t show its face you can book a follow-up 3D/4Dultrasound appointment (30min) for 30€. 

– Baby’s weight can be evaluated 

– You will receive a USB-stick with lots of pictures and videos of the baby

– The compact 3D/4D-ultrasound examination comes with 30 minutes of scanning time

– This option is great if you would for example like to experience the 3D/4Dultrasound several times, if you don’t have need for conversation or if you want to come to 3D/4D-ultrasound outside of the recommended weeks. 

– If you want to go for a second 3D/4D ultrasound examination/Kompakti during the same pregnancy, you can get it for 85€. 

–  Baby’s weight can be evaluated 

–  You will receive a USB-stick with lots of pictures and videos of the baby

Ultrasound of late pregnancy
(27-40 weeks)

Towards the end of your pregnancy the weight estimate and position of the baby are the most important reasons for the scan. However just wanting to see your little one is a valid reason to come to a late pregnancy ultrasound. This also poses a great opportunity to discuss the upcoming labour and the possible questions on your mind. You will go home with printed out ultrasound images of your baby.

Along with your late pregnancy ultrasound you can also book an appointment for labour talk. You can book the 1hr 20min or 50min service. If you wish, apart from the ultrasound we can also discuss any questions you might have on your mind as the due date approaches. There is no set amount of information or skills that future parents are equipped with – this is why there is no pattern for this service. Each situation is unique and we do our best to accommodate your needs with our best professionalism. We are trained to be there for you to share information about this upcoming milestone. The labour talk prior to actual labour is a valuable opportunity to learn important things about the labour and the first moments of your new baby. If the parents wish, we can also book a follow up appointment (or a few!) to discuss the subjects and questions they feel are the most important and valuable to them.

Appointment with a midwife

The midwife appointment focuses on discussing a large variety of topics on both pregnancy and taking care of your new baby. The appointment helps you prepare for your upcoming birth, helps you learn how to take care of a newborn and how to breastfeed successfully. All of the appointments at our reception are customized to fit your needs.

Pregnancy and the rapidly approaching labour can cause a mix of emotions and the mood can easily shift between happy thoughts and fear. One of the parents might easily feel left out with their emotions at the maternity clinic and that’s why we strive to provide you with a place where both of the future parents can share their thoughts and ask all the questions they might have on their mind. This appointment is the place for all the burning topics and questions about the new life you are about to begin with the new addition to your family.

You are welcome to book an appointment even if you don’t have any particular theme or topic on your mind. The appointment is a place to talk and get valuable information from a professional. When booking your appointment you are welcome to leave us a note in the comments section to specify any themes or topics that interest you in particular. 

The appointment is always customized to serve your needs. We can discuss the upcoming labour and your thoughts and expectations about it. If you wish, we can also create a base for your birth plan, that exhibits your thoughts about the labour as well as possible. Making a plan like this can help you preapre for the upcoming birth and give you more confidence in it and assurance that you will receive all the help you need, Midwife’s most important job is to listen, support and educate you about subjects such as the stages of labour and available pain relief methods. If you wish to specify topics that interest you, you can state those upon reserving an appointment with us.

In our service list the birth talk and the birth coaching are overlapping themes, but the birth talk is meant to talk about the future labour and for example to create a birth plan if you wish whereas birth coaching is more focused on going through different techniques of birth and teach you skills that help you with your labour, In either of these appointments we will focus on going through topics that are of special interest to you and will indend to cover these subjects as widely as possible with our best professionalism.

The upcoming labour is naturally a subject that brings up a lot of emotions and sometimes one of these might be fear. Fear of childbirth comes in all shapes and sizes – it might feel like anxiety or depression. The fear might start before pregnancy, right in the beginning of it or as the labour approaches. It’s normal to feel some of tension when you think about giving birth. It becomes fear of childbirth when this tension becomes a burden to your everyday life or compromises your sleep. Some people have the fear regarding their first time giving birth whereas to others it may have awaken with a bad previous experience. Even if you have given birth several times, each time is unique and can bring up brand new questions and thoughts.

We recommend to seek help for the fear of childbirth as early on as possible as it is completely natural and common and can be treated. The motive of the treatment is to minimize the sensation of fear and prepare you for giving birth to your little one. You are welcome to book this kind of appointment for any type of fear regarding your upcoming labour. We want to customize your appointment to answer any questions you may have, be your shoulder to rely on and educate you on different options of pain relif and the stages of labour. We are here to support and help you, so that no mama feels left alone with her fears. If you have some topics in particular that are interesting to you, you are free to mark these down in the comments-section of your appointment reservation.

Birth coaching is meant to prepare you for giving birth. We strive to give you as much information as possible about the upcoming labour and assure you that you can survive through both different stages of labour and being a parent to a newborn baby, This coaching is fit for all those who are expecting and their families and it is always customized toyou’re your needs. A first time mama might be in need of some more detailed advice than a experienced mother and the topics of interest might different from one mum to another. Every birth is special and you are more than welcome to come to the birth coaching even if you have already given birth as you might have some thoughts and questions regarding your previous labour.

The coaching focuses on the different stages of labour, medical and nonmedical options for pain relief and different methods of giving birth (vaginal, c-section, suction cup). The coaching can also include topics such as taking care of a newborn baby or breastfeeding, We suggest to start the coaching early (before 30th week of pregnancy) so you have enough time to prepare yourself for the birth of your child and for possible follow up appointments. However there is no best before-date for this service and you are welcome to book it at any point of your pregnancy. If you wish to share topics that are of special interest to you, you are welcome to do so upon booking your appointment.

In our service list the birth talk and the birth coaching are overlapping themes, but the birth talk is meant to talk about the future labour and for example to create a birth plan if you wish whereas birth coaching is more focused on going through different techniques of birth and teach you skills that help you with your labour, In either of these appointments we will focus on going through topics that are of special interest to you and will indend to cover these subjects as widely as possible with our best professionalism.

This service is a internal examination executed by a midwife at the point of full term or overtime pregancy.The examination also includes, if you wish, an examination of the baby using an ultrasound. The internal examination enables us to determine the situation at the cervix and if it’s showing signs of you going into labour any time soon. If you wish we may also stimulate the cervix softly. Round movements may release hormones that can help you go into labour. This might help your contractions get stronger and help your labour start naturally.

If the baby’s head is positioned well you have a better chance of going into labour naturally and having a successful birth. If the head hasn’t yet positioned in preparation for birth, we can give you instructions and go through some exercises that will help the baby get positioned correctly. During this service we can also discuss the upcoming labour and our midwifes can give you some last minute tips and advice in preparation for the birth of your little one. When you come to your appointment, don’t forget to bring your child health clinic card (neuvolakortti) so the midwife can check your due date.

This service is meant to serve the purpose of a post-miscarriage examination where using an ultrasound we make sure that the uterus has emptied and there are good premises for a future pregnancy. An important part apart from the ultrasound examination is leaving plenty of time for conversation where you are free to share your experience to a professional. During this we will do our very best to support you in this difficult situation. Should you wish so, we can give you more information about intenting a new pregnancy and other related topics.

When should you book an appointment for breastfeeding coaching?
You can book an appointment always when you feel like talking about breastfeeding-related topics, need help with breastfeeding or have challenges with your breastfeeding journey. Also partners are more than welcomed to join you at your appointment as breastfeeding is very much a common matter for a family and it’s important to include both parents in it and share the knowledge to both parties. You can book this service even before the arrival of your little one if you wish to learn more about breastfeeding and find out how to kick off your breastfeeding journey as successfully as possible. Our breastfeeding coach is a midwife who has been certified to give this kind of coaching by WHO.

What kind of topics to we go through at the appointment?
The appointment is always customized to serve your needs. We can discuss for example following topics;
• How to nail a good position for breastfeeding and breastfeed correctly
• Breastfeeding at your baby’s pace
• How do you know your baby is getting enough milk
• How to take care of your breasts
• Challenges with breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Twin pregnancy

In the case of twin pregnancies we reserve a little more time for the ultrasound examination, so that you have enough time to see both of your babies. If the scan is performed around mid-pregnancy, the future parents often request to find out the baby’s gender and weight. At this point of pregnancy the twins are already active and some extra time is necessary to successfully determine the weights and gender. When you are booking an appointment, book the service called Ultrasound in mid-pregnancy / twins. This appointment is 15 minutes longer than the general mid-pregnancy ultrasound.

Also the 3D/4D-ultrasound examination appointment is longer for twins. In twin pregnancy there’s always a risk of one of the babies gets scanned more than the other, as there is not a lot of space. If there is enough water in front of the babies there might be a chance to get scans of both. We understand it can be uncomfortable for the expecting mother to lay down for a long time for the examination so we always give you the options of stretching a bit in between. As you book your appointment, select service 3D/4D ultrasound examination / twins. This appointment is 15 minutes longer than the general 3D/4D ultrasound examination.

TENS-machine rental

Elle Tens-machine is a powerful medicine-free tool to help you with labour pains. Through electrodes attached to your skin it sends light electric impulses to your body helping it release its natural endorphins and weakening the sensation of pain in the body. For the best effect we recommend using the Tens-machine right from the beginning of labour which means starting to use it at home. You can keep using it throughout your journey to the hospital and once you have arrived on scene.

Tens 6-machine can be used starting from pregnancy week 37+0. Don’t use the machine if you have a pacemaker, if you suffer from a heart disease or have epilepsy.

We recommend renting the Tens-machine around 2 weeks before your due date. The rental time is 4 weeks at a time. You can extend this time by calling or reaching out via email. If you wish to rent the machine, you can find it in our service list under the name “TENS-machine rental”. Mark your booking for a day when it’s convenient for you to come and pick it up from our office. The rental is due to be paid for upon picking the machine up. The midwives will instruct you on how to use it correctly at the time of giving you the machine.