Midwife services with warm care and soft pace throughout your entire pregnancy.

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Kaunis odotus offers a flexible midwife’s reception that truly has time for your needs. Our services are fit for all expecting women and brand new families spending their first moments with their newborn baby. Our services include ultrasounds in different stages of pregnancy. In addition to this, you are more than welcome to book an appointment with us to discuss pregnancy-related topics such as future labor. We have also recently expanded to well-being services for both mothers and babies.

All of our ultrasound examinations are executed with strong professionalism and new high quality equipment, so that you as parents can get to know your unborn baby in the best way possible. Kaunis odotus is a midwife service, which is why we don’t offer services in the field of fetal diagnostics. We are proud to say that we have been noted by our clients for our remarkably
heartfelt and professional service.

We warmly welcome you to our beautiful offices of Vantaa Kivistö, Helsinki Esplanadi and Espoo Niittykumpu!

Midwife services

- it’s the most natural thing in the world and also the most wonderful of them all.

Pregnancy calculator and the stages of baby’s development

The pregnancy calculator will show you your due date and your current week of pregnancy. You can also get to know the different stages of your baby’s development week by week throughout your pregnancy by clicking “Baby’s development”.

Professional midwives

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The midwives of Kaunis odotus are dedicated to serve you in a professional and heartfelt manner. Our priority is to see each client as a unique individual and we have received positive affirmations from our clients for offering rush-free and flexible service. Our midwifes strive to make each appointment memorable for you and answer all of those questions you have on your mind.

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