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Lovely and calm visit to check in on our new family member. Beautifully decorated space and the whole family was warmly welcome. The future siblings were also welcome in the appointment and they were taken into consideration during the appointment in a lovely way. Thank you for the lovely experience. See you in the summer for the 3D-scan.
Absolutely lovely place. In the beginning of my pregnancy I would go to check in on the baby a lot. Great machine that gives you high quality images. Tiina is so professional and a lovely midwife. You are treated with care and time. The place is very clean and comfortable.
I recommend! It was lovely to check in on the baby in a calm manner. My appointment was in the beginning of the 17 week which allowed us to get some hints on the gender as well. I took the recording option which came with photos and videos on a USB-stick. This way you can share the experience with your family and friends.
Lovely place and midwife. I’m bad at giving feedback but now I wanted to take my time to recommend this place. I am expecting my third and I’ve never had such beautiful photos of my baby. The whole appointment time was also used, which is rare. Thank you so much Tiina.
Kaunis odotus vauva
Kaunis odotus vauvat
+ rush-free service
+ clean, calm and new space + time for questions
+ great base interview
+ you go home with photos
+ easy to book
Clean and beautiful place with a parking option nearby. Rush-free and warm service. We got lovely and clear images of our baby. I’ve been to early pregnancy ultrasound, mid-pregnancy ultrasound and I’m planning to go to 3D/4D ultrasound when I’m far enough with our pregnancy.
Rush-free and lovely service, we got to take our time with our little treasure and see what they were doing. The midwife went above and beyond to help us see the gender <3 Definitely recommended :)
Lovely midwife and lovely service <3 Warmly recommend. Tiina was clearly professional, calm, warm and empathetic. I felt like I was in good hands and went home with a nice feeling.
It was nice that the whole family was welcome to see the new baby. Warm welcome and good quality images.
Great service and in the ultrasound everything possible was done to get good photos. Recommended!
Lovely and warm place. No sense of rush, they let us see the baby from different angles. We left with a nice and peaceful feeling. Big recommendation.
They work with a big heart.