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Kaunis odotus is a family business that first opened it’s doors in Vantaa Kivistö back in 2019. It wasn’t long until the clients discovered the place and our beautiful office of Kaunis odotus has got to host different events and theme nights from it’s first year. This, however, isn’t the only way we have widened our services, as thanks to quickly growing demand Kaunis odotus gained another professional midwife to serve our clients in autumn 2021. By summer 2022 Kaunis odotus has now gained new, even more beautiful facilities in the same familiar neighbourbood of Vantaa Kivistö and is now a team of seven amazing midwifes in two different locations as we opened our other reception in Helsinki in autumn 2022. New services and events are being planned according to your wishes. The new facilities allow us to offer you even better and more flexible experience with us. You are welcome to the reception of Kaunis odotus.

Our midwifes

The midwives of Kaunis odotus strive to serve you with the best professionalism and big heart. We meet each of our clients as individuals and we have received lots of great feedback regarding our rush-free and flexible service. Our midwives have years of experience and great expertise in different stages of pregnancy and post-partum. All of our midwives are also mothers themselves, so they have experienced motherhood and know all of the stages of pregnancy from personal experience. Our midwives strive to make each appointmentment memorable and provide you with answers to all of your questions.

Kaunis odotus erikoissairaanhoitaja ja kätilö Tiina Kipinoinen kätilön palvelut ja ultraäänitutkimus Vantaa Espoo Helsinki Uusimaa pääkaupunkiseutu


Hi, I’m Tiina, a special nurse and a midwife.

During my almost 30 years long career I have got to work with a variety of expecting mothers, women in labour and newborn babies. I also spent years working in a infertility clinic and taking care of small stillborns. These years have given me a deeper insight to this sensitive and interesting topic – birth.

I am also a mother myself. I have been lucky enough to have 5 beautiful daughters, Pregnancies with their ups and downs are familiar to me from personal experience. And because there are 20 years between my oldest and youngest, I have experienced the changes in pregnancy, birth and taking care and breastfeeding a new born baby as both a midwife and a mother. I have widened my professional skills to include ultrasound examinations. My interests also include following the newest breastfeeding and nutrition regulations and I have trained myself to guide safe motherhood exercise.

I would love to support and be a part of your expectation journey and the first moment of your parenthood.


Being a midwife is the great lovestory of my working life that started 20 years ago. I have gotten familiar with different fields of midwive’s work, but the area that feels the most dear to me is monitoring pregnancies and now along with Kaunis odotus, ultrasounds.

To me the most meaningful part of my job is to individually support the future parents without a rush in different stages of pregnancy, in preparation of the labor and the challenges of the life with a new born baby. This calling is something I also got to pursue internationally for several years. The different cultural backgrounds of the families I saw in the international midwife work really enriched my work as a midwife. Expecting a baby is as emotional and wonderful in all parts of the world. It is such a great joy getting to be a part of it.

I have professional expertise also with encountering women with crisis pregnancies. I also welcome you, who are looking for a confidential and discreet help in your situation, to book an appointment with me.

I have got to practice motherhood myself with my three beautiful daughters.

I would also like to welcome all international families to my appointment. I have years of experience from working in an international maternity clinic. My passion is to offer personalized care and support to pregnant women and their families on their journey into motherhood/parenthood.

Kaunis odotus kätilö Heidi kätilön palvelut ja ultraäänitutkimus Vantaa Espoo Helsinki Uusimaa Pääkaupunkiseutu
Kaunis odotus kätilö Nicolina kätilön palvelut ja ultraaanitutkimus Vantaa Espoo Helsinki Uusimaa Pääkaupunkiseutu


I graduated as a midwife around 10 years ago and I have mainly worked in the field of labour care. I also am a mother of two small children. I would love to discuss any questions and topics regarding labour and pregnancy at your appointment with me. I strive to meet each mama and support person with a big heart and my best expertise.

To many parents getting to know your baby through ultrasound is an emotional and unique moment and I can’t wait to share this moment with you. I would also like to welcome all international families to my appointment.

Med mig kan du också prata svenska. Vi ses på mottagningen!


Hi! My name is Tia and I graduated in 2020 in my dream profession as a midwife. I have also recently become the mother of a little boy.

The midwife’s work is very close to my heart, and it has grown to become a strong part of my own identity. I am constantly expanding my skills, now also in the field of ultrasound examinations!
As a midwife, I have previously worked in the maternity ward  and my strengths include breastfeeding guidance, childbirth discussions, supporting early interaction and guiding new parents in the care and handling of the baby.
I received my own little dumpling in my arms in the summer of 2022, so the sensitivity, excitement, joys and sensations of pregnancy, childbirth and the childbed period are all still very fresh in my memory.

You are warmly welcome to visit my reception with your little one! I am happy to discuss at the reception, for example, the postpartum period and breastfeeding.

Kaunis odotus kätilö Tia kätilön palvelut ja ultraaanitutkimus Vantaa Espoo Helsinki Uusimaa Pääkaupunkiseutu
Kaunis odotus kätilö Riikka kätilön palvelut ja ultraaanitutkimus Vantaa Espoo Helsinki Uusimaa Pääkaupunkiseutu


Hi, I am Riikka! 

I am a midwife and a single mother by choice of a little boy. It is important to me that I can meet you calmly, with trust and on your family’s terms. I will gladly help and meet you in ultrasounds, preparation for childbirth and going through fears. You can also come to my reception with breastfeeding questions.

In the past, I have worked  in a delivery room. I have also expanded my professional skills with, among other things for example acupuncture training.

I am a fairly new mother myself, so I have personal experience with pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding challenges and success.

I hope you will find my reception if you want to get to know your little one with the help of ultrasound or, for example, if you are worried. It’s great that I can be your support on the most important path of your life.



Hi! My name is Sanna and I am a midwife and a nurse. 

I have started my career as a nurse in special nursing care, where I encountered families in different life situations. Work in promoting the health of women and families is a big interest of mine, but I was also interested in the hospital world, so I studied to become a midwife. I have worked as a midwife at a gynecology clinic, a maternity clinic and a fetal research unit. I have been doing fetal screenings since 2016. Doing ultrasound examinations is the best job I can imagine, because you can never get tired of admiring a new life!

My free time is spent with my spouse and two children. I enjoy photography and exercise. I look forward to helping you meet your new family member!

Kaunis odotus kätilö Sanna kätilön palvelut ja ultraaanitutkimus Vantaa Espoo Helsinki Uusimaa Pääkaupunkiseutu
Kaunis odotus kätilö Kaisa kätilön palvelut ja ultraaanitutkimus Vantaa Espoo Helsinki Uusimaa Pääkaupunkiseutu


Hi, I’m Kaisa! I am a midwife-health nurse by training
and a record of working in my profession for 10 years. I have worked
in various midwifery duties and I have been a part of the journeys of many families along the way. For the last five years I have done work with expectant mothers and families with children in the maternity and children’s clinic.

When meeting families, the most important thing for me is not to rush and meet people as individuals. Every pregnancy  is a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. I hope I can be of support to you in the best possible way, by being present, listening and gently guiding towards something new. In addition to monitoring the pregnancy, I will gladly coach and guide you regarding the upcoming birth and the everyday life of the baby.

I enjoy developing myself and learning new things. I’m currently running
postgraduate studies in the field of global health and crisis management. Midwifery internationality, and the miracle of birth regardless of culture and location is fascinating. I take care of my creativity in my spare time by running my own photography business. Otherwise, on a weekday, my two kids keep me reasonably busy and they  have taught me the art of living in the moment. See you at the reception and let’s stop just for your special moment!

I would also like to welcome all international families to my appointment.


Hello! I’m Jemina, midwife and mother of a busy toddler. It is important to me to genuinely meet each customer so that they feel they have been heard and seen. I have received praise from the families that have been in my care for my calm, warm and relaxed approach. My own family is multicultural, and in my home three different languages are spoken. New cultures interest me, and I am also happy to speak in English on our appointments. 

As a midwife, I have previously worked with families who have given birth and newborns, as well as in planned c-sections. Breastfeeding guidance (also during pregnancy), preparation for childbirth, childbirth discussions and baby care are therefore close to my heart. Welcome to wonder and admire your future family member with me!

Kaunis odotus kätilö Jemina kätilön palvelut ja ultraaanitutkimus Vantaa Espoo Helsinki Uusimaa Pääkaupunkiseutu
Kaunis odotus kätilö Maj-Len kätilön palvelut ja ultraaanitutkimus Vantaa Espoo Helsinki Uusimaa Pääkaupunkiseutu


Hi, I’m Maj–Len, specialist nurse, midwife and clinical ultrasound nurse.
I qualified as a midwife 30 years ago. I have work experience in gynecology, maternity wards and the maternity clinic, where I currently work. In my day job at the Women’s Clinic, I mainly treat gestational diabetics, and in addition, I do fetal screening examinations at Bulevard’s fetal screening unit.

Pregnancy and growing into parenthood bring a lot of happiness and joy, but also many new  things to face. At my reception, we can easily survey your situation, go through the questions that bother you, and check baby with an ultrasound. I will try to support you and your family, so that your pregnancy goes with confidence and peace of mind. You are warmly welcome to my reception!

I would also like to welcome all international families to my appointment.


Hey! I’m Veera. I graduated as a midwife more than 20 years ago. It has always been a matter of my heart to be able to support families in this new and exciting life event. Every family is unique, and I always treat everyone as individuals.

I have been working for a long time in the delivery department with mothers, fathers/support persons and newborns. So I have solid experience in caring for newborns, breastfeeding and its challenges, and recovering from childbirth. I have also worked in the pregnant women’s ward and the maternity clinic.

My own family includes a partner, two children and a dog. The children are already on the threshold of adulthood. I like being able to help. I am warm-hearted and equipped with a big heart. I wish I could be of help to your family.

Welcome to my reception to get to know your new future family member! I am also happy to discuss the things that concern you regarding pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or baby care.

I would also like to welcome all international families to my appointment. 

Kaunis odotus kätilö Veera kätilön palvelut ja ultraaanitutkimus Vantaa Espoo Helsinki Uusimaa Pääkaupunkiseutu