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Kaunis odotus has selected the finest products of the pregnancy and baby industry in its selection. Our selection consists of internationally rewarded and acknowledged products and cute toys for the little ones. You can purchase your own from our office in Vantaa Kivistö.

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Done by Deer

The lovely Danish children’s products by Done by Deer are the whole family’s choice. Done by Deer makes decoration items, toys and children’s products that combine the Scandinavian styling and playful designs with cute animals. You can find a large variety of products for both babies and a little older children in our selection. All products comply with safety standards of the European union. You can buy yours when you visit the office of Kaunis odotus. You can also contact us to order a product or request a certain product.

Lola & Lykke

Lola & Lykke is largely acknowlegded company founded by two Finnish mothers. Kaunis odotus offers for example the award-winning breast pump (best breast pump of the year in 2022) and the popular support belts in different sizes. There are belts available for both pregnancy and postpartum. All the products are designed by moms to moms using the best materials. Lola & Lykke packs all products in fully plastic free and recyclable packaging. You can get your own from Kaunis odotus office.

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LANACare is a Danish brand that produces merino wool products to mothers and babies. LANACare products are recommended by midwives in all of Scandinavia. Kaunis odotus offers 100% merino wool bra pads and lanoline cream. The warm merino wool keeps the skin on breasts dry and warm enhancing the milk production and preventing breast infections. Just a few pairs of bra pads will get you through all of your breast feeding journey. The wool cleans itself and washing is only necessary rarely. LANACare’s bra pads are not only a comfortable but also ecological option. One time use pads often get wet and cause pain in the breasts. Moist milk on the skin is also a great foundation for yeast infection. This will show as a painful thrush in the baby’s mouth and ulcers in mom’s breasts. The sticky milk also acts as a glue as it dries gluing the paper onto the breast. LANACare’s bra pads create the best circumstances for breastfeeding and keep both your baby and your skin healthy. It’s good to start the use of the pads already during the pregnancy to keep the breasts safe. There are many sizes available as well as the high quality lanoline cream by LANACare which is also their most popular product. You can buy yours when visiting our office.

Proud Mama

Kaunis odotus offers beautiful bola-jewelry by Proud Mama. Did you know, that a fetus as small as about 20 weeks old can already hear the soft clink of a bola-necklace?

According to Mexican tradition a bola-necklace brings happiness and wealth for the mother and the unborn child and protects them from danger and diseases. Inside the pendant there is a small xylophone with a small ball bouncing on top making a special little sound when the mother moves. The necklace is kept hanging on top of the belly and the magical sound calms down the baby during the pregnancy. When using the bola-pendant regularly the baby will still recognize the sound after being born and will find it comforting outside the womb. You can buy your at our office.

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