Kaunis odotus kätilön palvelut


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us. The phone will always be picked up by a midwife.

We answer calls always when it is possible.  If we can’t pick up instantly, please leave a message via email or SMS and we’ll try to get back to you within a day.

Kaunis odotus toimitilat löydät Vantaan Kivistöstä


Topaasipolku 4,
01700 Vantaa


040 706 0902

How to find us

Our office in Vantaa is located near the Kivistö train station and hence easily accessible by public transportation. Kaunis odotus is located in Topaasipolku 4, 01700 Vantaa. Our office in Vantaa is located on street level of an apartment house on the side of a big square. 

PARKING: When traveling by car you should put Topaasikuja as the address in the navigator where there are a few parking spaces near the square. In addition to Topaasikuja, there is a parking space in the train station parking lot, in the K-market parking garage, in roadside spots and next to us is Kivistö’s new shopping center Kivis, where you can find a parking area and a parking garage. 

Kaunis odotus uudet toimitilat löydät Helsingistä Esplanadilta


Pohjoisesplanadi 21 B
00100 Helsinki.


040 706 0902

How to find us

Our office in Helsinki is located in the very center next to the Esplandi park. Our exact address in Pohjoisesplanadi 21, 00100 Helsinki. Our entrance is located in the inner yard that can be accessed next to the restaurant II Siciliano. Restaurant Kappeli and the stage of Esplanadi are on the other side of the road. At the inner yard there is a door with a doorbell that you must ring so the midwife knows you have arrived. In the house there is an elevator and Kaunis odotus is located on the 4th floor. Our office is fully accessible.

Our office in Helsinki is easily accessible from the train station of Helsinki by walking around 10 minutes or taking a tram. The nearest parking in addition to street parking in the EuroPark P-Kluuvi.

If you have any questions, contact us