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Ultrasound of early pregnancy (pregnancy week 6-12)

Ultrasound of mid-pregnancy (pregnancy week 13-26)

Ultrasound of mid-pregnancy + recording (pregnancy week 13-20)

3D/4D-ultrasound examination (pregnancy week 24-30)

Ultrasound of late pregnancy (pregnancy week 27-40)

In the ultrasound of early pregnancy we can already see the baby’s heartbeat and we can check that the baby is developing in the right place. The heartbeat can be seen after pregnancy week 6 + 3.

In the ultrasound of mid-pregnancy we can often already tell the baby’s gender. The gender generally shows after pregnancy week 16 + 0.

In the ultrasound of late pregnancy we can estimate the weight of your soon to be born baby.

In the 3D/4D-ultrasound examination we can check the baby’s features to a great detail and see how it moves. We recommend the 3D/4D-ultrasound between pregnancy weeks 24 and 30. By this time the baby typically has a little bit of a rounder face and there is enough water to perform the scan. Also after pregnancy week 30 we can get a successfull scan if there is enough water in front of the baby’s face.

Ultrasound of mid-pregnancy with recording is a great option for you if you would like to have recorded material on a USB-stick from your midpregnancy ultrasound.

Ultrasound of mid-pregnancy without recording won’t send you home with empty hands either – you will receive printed out images from your ultrasound.

3D/4D-ultrasound examination and ultrasound of mid-pregnancy + recording include a USB-stick. The USB will include both photos and videos. From the other ultrasounds you will get printed out images. 

Kaunis odotus has acquired Samsung’s own Hello Mom feature for its high-quality ultrasound devices, which allows you to get the image directly to your phone with a convenient QR code! In a couple of minutes, your favorite photo will be on your phone to share with loved ones. This is a free additional service in addition to paper photos, and photos and videos on a memory stick.

You can come to find out the baby’s gender after pregnancy week 16+0.

The baby’s weight can be estimated in late pregnancy ultrasound and 3D/4D-ultrasound examination

We do not check the baby’s structures and your ultrasounds will not replace structural ultrasound. The ultrasounds at Kaunis odotus are meant to complement getting to know your baby throughout your pregnancy as an addition to the ultrasounds performed at the public maternity clinic.

You don’t have to prepare yourself for the examination. Before the 3D/4D ultrasound it’s good to have a light snack to activate the baby.

Pregnancy and labour are topics that may bring out lots of questions in different fields. You can book a midwife’s appointment to discuss your thoughts about your pregnancy and future labour.

3D/4D – ultrasound examination / Full (50 min) 
– In the longer 3D/4D-ultrasound examination we reserve 50 minutes for scanning
– This gives us more time to activate the baby in better positions and leaves more time for questions and conversation 
– If the baby doesn’t show its face you can book a follow-up 3D/4Dultrasound appointment (30min) for 30€. 
– Baby’s weight can be evaluated 
– You will receive a USB-stick with lots of pictures and videos of the baby

3D/4D- ultrasound examination / Compact (30min) 
– The compact 3D/4D-ultrasound examination comes with 30 minutes of scanning time
– This option is great if you would for example like to experience the 3D/4Dultrasound several times, if you don’t have need for conversation or if you want to come to 3D/4D-ultrasound outside of the recommended weeks. 

– If you want to go for a second 3D/4D ultrasound examination/Kompakti during the same pregnancy, you can get it for 85€. 

–  Baby’s weight can be evaluated 

–  You will receive a USB-stick with lots of pictures and videos of the baby

– Ultrasound of early pregnancy approximately 20 min
– Ultrasound of mid-pregnancy approximately 20 min 
– Ultrasound of mid-pregnancy + recording approximately 30 min
– 3D/4D- ultrasound examination (compact) approximately 30 min
– 3D/4D- ultrasound examination (full) approximately 50 min
– Ultrasound of late pregnancy approximately 30 min
– Twin pregnancies: (not ultrasound of early pregnancy) +15min

If we suspect a miscarriage, we send a referral to specialized hospital, where the situation is checked. 

We will log the information about your visit to Kanta.

Kaunis odotus has acquired Samsung’s own Hello Mom feature for its high-quality ultrasound devices, which enables the aforementioned with the help of a convenient QR code! In a couple of minutes, your favorite photo will be on your phone to share with loved ones. This is a free additional service in addition to paper photos, and photos and videos on a memory stick.


We want to be as clear as possible with our pricing and for this reason we do not add service fees or any other hidden fees to out pricing.

Please notice: On Sundays and bank holidays the prices are 30% higher

Our office in Vantaa is located near the Kivistö train station and hence easily accessible by public transportation. Kaunis odotus is located in Topaasipolku 4, 01700 Vantaa (if you are arriving by car we recommend putting in Topaasikuja, then you will find the parking spaces near the square or the shopping center Kivis, as well as the train park, can also be found nearby). You should find Our office in Vantaa is located on street level of an apartment house on the side of a big square.

Our office in Helsinki is located in the very center next to the Esplandi park. Our exact address in Pohjoisesplanadi 21, 00100 Helsinki. Our entrance is located in the inner yard that can be accessed next to the restaurant II Siciliano. Restaurant Kappeli and the stage of Esplanadi are on the other side of the road. At the inner yard there is a door with a doorbell that you must ring so the midwife knows you have arrived. In the house there is an elevator and Kaunis odotus is located on the 4th floor. Our office is fully accessible.

Our office in Espoo is located next to Länsiväylä along excellent public transportation links in Niittykumpu, Espoo. Kaunis odotus is located in Niittyportti 4, 02200 Espoo next to Niittykumpu metro station. There is also parking spaces if you are arriving by car. Beautiful glass doors welcome you to the lobby of the family center building. Continuing past the cafe in the lobby, you will find us on the left. 

More detailed information on how to locate us in our Contact-page.

The whole family and other supporting persons are welcome to join you at your appointment. There are toys available to entertain the little ones of the family.

Kaunis odotus doesn’t operate under spesific hours as we intent to be open as flexibly as possible for you, Kaunis odotus is mostly also open on weekends. Available appointments can be requested outside of the hours offered on our booking system.

You can buy products during your appointment or organize a shopping appointment via email. You can also reserve a specific product and schedule a pickup. The biggest selection of product is in our office in Vantaa

You can move or cancel your appointment via the booking code you get in your email. In the right-hand upper corner in our booking system you will find “My bookings”/”Omat varaukset” where you can put in your booking code to make changes to it. We charge for uncanceled appointments fully as our appointments are highly requested and we want all mothers to have the opportunity to book an appointment with us

You must cancel your appointment booking at least 24 hours before your appointment. If you get sick unexpectedly you can cancel your booking by 8.00 in the morning. You can cancel via email, text message or a phone call. For cancellations made after this, we will have to charge the full price, unless you can present a medical certificate.Please notice you can’t cancel your appointment via social media.

We accept all common credit- and debit-cards as well as Epassi Hyvinvointi. You can also pay with a gift card. You can buy gift cards at info@kaunisodotus.fi

You are welcome to come to your appointment alone or with a support person/s. Also the siblings of the baby are welcome to come and see the baby.

You can come to the appointment even if you don’t want to find out the gender just yet Please notify us beforehand if you wish to keep the gender asecret.

To keep the prices as affordable as possible for our clients we do not have a reception desk at Kaunis odotus. Instead our midwifes will greet you as soon as they become available. Until then you can wait in our waiting room and our midwife will meet you there. For the same reason the midwife’s will also charge you directly which saves you from paying any additional office fees.


The baby’s heart starts to beat 25 days after being conceived. For this reason a good time for an early pregnancy ultrasound would be around pregnancy week 6+3.

The pregnancy calculators and most maternity clinics will calculate the duration of your pregnancy using a 28 day cycle. In this case ovulation would happen on the 14th day of the cycle. However this is not always the case. If the cycle is short, the pregnancy might be further or a lot earlier if the cycle is long.

In the early pregnancy ultrasound we can determinate the exact duration of pregnancy based on the length of the fetus and size of the womb

Most of early stage miscarriages are due to a chromosome error. This can’t be stopped and it’s not caused by anything you did.

Bleeding or back-stomach pain can be signs of miscarriage, but sometimes there might be a miscarriage without any symptoms at all. Sometimes bleeding and pain might occur with a healthy pregnancy.

We will give you a referral to specialized medical care where the situation will be checked. If the pregnancy has not terminated spontaneously, the termination will be completed with either medication or curettage